Witness to the Roswell crash?

Mrs. Verrill Clark of Long Beach, CA and her children (below) saw some spectacular aerial flashes in the New Mexico sky in June 1947. "My brother, being smaller, looking out the back window, actually saw the nucleus of the thing over our car."


The only documented sighting of a UFO over a radio scope! Read the interview of a very credible government employee who lieves in the Plains of San Augustin area. She said in the interview, "If they would put a window or two in there with all those computers, they just might see something."

The Greens Gap Gray. A rancher on NM Hwy. 12 near the arroyo crash site saw, in 1947, "a strange child walking near the road. This event was reported to the Catron Co. sheriff's office, and was later reported at a military intelligence briefing. "He noticed it was unlike any human child he had ever seen. It was not wearing children's clothing, but a one-piece gray outfit."