Appendix A
Four pages of UFO - Nicap supporting material from Keyhoe to Truman

Appendix B
A two page memo from the once top secret psychological strategy board 1952

Appendix C
A two page soil analasys report from the crash site.

Appendix D
A two page letter from General Twining to General Schulugen 23 Sept 1947

Appendix E
A two page legal description of Salado Soil and Water Conservation District- Where Barney Barnett worked.

Appendix F
Five views of scanning electron microscope analysis of strange foil with silicon coating.

Appendix G
Fourier Transmission Infrared Microscopy chart of outside layer,HDPE artifact.

Appendix H
Scanning Electon Microscope Analysis of starch from artifact.

Appendix I
Scanning Electron Microscope readout of twisted wire.

Appendix J
Two Scanning Electron Microscope views of wafer- exterior and interior

Appendix K
A complete USAF Report on the famous 1964 Socorro NM landing witness Lonnie Zamora, investigators Hynek and Quintanilla

Appendix L
Letters to the author from Harvard University's Peabody Museum establishing Herbert W. Dick and his archeological party were on the Plains of St. Augustin during the first week of July, 1947.

Appendix M
Two pages containing names of 33 people on archeological parties or those assisting archeological digs on or near the PSA in 1947. This includes names of the Herbert Dick party who probably visited the UFO crash site.